Mr. Car Man

Privacy Policy

Maintaining and providing members with strict privacy policy is a top priority to Mr Car Man. The Mr Car Man Privacy Policies detail the collection, storage and use of personal information collected. The aim of collection of personal information is to provide suitable information based on the requirements of the members.

Collection of personal information

  • The personal use of the Mr Car Man website.
  • Protection and security of personal details within the financial transactions.
  • Personal reasons for accessing the website and information.
  • Any information provided to subscribe to website services.
  • Any/all information when making a personal inquiry directly to Mr Car Man.

 Use of collected personal information

  • Create personal communications to members.
  • Administer this website.
  • Members access to website services.
  • Provide purchased products.
  • Supply services that have been purchased.
  • Send members statements and invoices.
  • Informing members of new products.
  • Provide payment options for members.

Mr Car Man will not provide personal information to agents or other sub-contractors, without your individual permission.

If required to provide your personal information for legal reasons, you will be personally notified. 

Security & Storage

To prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of personal information is ensured through the technical and organisational systems used to securely store data.

Mr Car Man uses secure servers to collect the personal information.

Improving the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may be changed or altered to suit the current requirement of the expanding website and attached material.

Review the Privacy Policy and contact Mr Car Man if you have any concerns.

Other Contacts

When connecting to another website via “links” it is important to be aware of the different Privacy Policies.