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Only use cold running water to clear your frosty windscreen.

Using hot water could cause your windscreen to crack or split.

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Save Big Money With The Exclusive Step-By-Step Guide To Basic D.I.Y Car Repairs & Maintenance

Mr Car Man

Mobile Mechanic and Vehicle Assessor

Licensed, Insured & Guaranteed.

Since February 2016 it has been my mission to provide the car owners in Perth with the best service and value for money for their car.

Here is some examples of the services I provide:

Reliability Service from $150.00*

  • Up to 5 litres of quality engine oil.
  • Reputable brand oil filter.
  • Check for any fluid leaks.
  • Top up all under bonnet fluid levels.
  • Check tyre condition.
  • Check tyre pressures.
*Vehicles that require more than 5 litres of engine oil will cost an extra $10.00 per litre. Diesel engines and 4WD may be subject to surcharge.

Minor Service from $200.00*

  • Up to 5 litres quality engine oil.
  • Reputable brand oil filter.
  • Underbody inspection.
  • Wheels off chek brakes and tyres.
  • Full safety inspection.
  • Top up all under bonnet fluids.
  • Check tyres pressures
  • Road Test.
  • Windscreen clean.
  • Tyres shine.
*Vehicles that require more than 5 litres of engine oil will cost an extra $10.00 per litre. Diesel engines and 4WD may be subject to surcharge.

Major Service from $250.00*

  • Up to 5 litres quality engine oil.
  • Reputable brand oil filter.
  • Spark plugs. (Standard not Platinum)
  • Full under body inspection.
  • Wheels off check brakes and tyres.
  • Check tyre pressures.
  • Full safety inspection.
  • Topp up all under bonnet fluids.
  • Replace brake fluid. (1 litre DOT4 brake fluid)
  • Road test.
  • Windscreen clean.
  • Tyres shine.
*Vehicles requiring more than 5 litres of engine oil will cost an extra $10.00 per litre. Exotic cars, 8 cylinder cars, Diesel and 4WD may be subject to surcharges.

Log Book Services P.O.A.

The cost of the service will depend on vehicle and service required. Check the Owner's Manual and call for a quote.

Pre-Purchase Inspection $170.00*

Buying a new car should be one of the most exciting experience but for most it is extremely stressful especially buying a used car.

Contact us for peace of mind:

  • Honest and thorough inspection of the vehicle.
  • Standard cars consist of 90 minute on-site inspection.
  • A comprehensive written report.
  • Identifies the current state of the vehicle and what will be needed in the future.
  • Inspections available in car yards.
  • Road testing.
  • Accurate quotations of repairs if decide to buy.
  • Written report is a good 'bargaining tool' when dealing with seller.

Independent Assessor = Integrity Assured

Emergency Call Out $90.00*

Flat battery, run out of fuel, flat tyre and any other emergency breakdown.. charges start at $90.00 plus cost of parts. First hour is part of call-out fee.

Mechanic only...$90.00 per hour

You may have the parts and simply need a qualified mechanic to install the parts..no worries simply give me a call and we can discuss the expected time and cost it will take to complete the job.

Author, Library Appearances & Courses

The book that started it all:

Save Big Money with the Exclusive Step-by-Step Guide to Basic D.I.Y Car Repairs & Maintenance

I created this book as a guide to assist all car owners to save stress, time and money when caring for their cars. I love cars and I want to pass my passion onto others. The book has lead to various libraries appearances around Perth metro areas and I have developed courses beginning with the basics and expanding to assorted car tasks.  I enjoy the one-on-one meetings with car owners and introducing them to the joy of car ownership.

To provide a wide range of essential information I realized that the car tasks needed to be graded to suit any individual's auto experience and education. The layout of Mr Car Man 'grades' are set out on the book Product page, check what sort of mechanic grade suits you!

Learn the car basics at your OWN pace and in your own time...complete the  car tasks according to your car 'know-how' and confidence.

All information enclosed is factual and described in the simplest format. I have included pictures, templates of "tables" and "checklists" to assist in YOUR learning process and keep YOUR car records.  

The information provided is “general knowledge” for car repairs and maintenance, but also includes methods and techniques to check all of the aspects of car ownership that either cost you money or can save you money.

Auto education is a risk free investment...I guarantee I will try to provide the best solution to your car problems..based on the information provided ..or your money back!!

Mobile Mechanic

MRB licence # MRB6602

C.A.P #17025

Perth metro areas, Western Australia

General repairs & maintenance

Reliability/minor/major services

Log book servicing

Tune Ups

Tyres & Brakes





Fleet Services

Used vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

*20 + years trade experience

Paul Rutley licence #MR14035

Licenced, insured and guaranteed

Eftpos available/EFT transfers

Book now: 0409 648 909