Save Big Money with the Exclusive Step-By-Step Guide to Basic D.I.Y. Car Repairs & Maintenance. 

 Investing your time and energy into auto education is the 'first aid' to your everyday lifestyle. Spend between 15-45 minutes per week learning basic car tasks and feel the pride of accepting the challenge to learn new & practical skills. Independence and self-reliance is available through auto self-education and being responsible for your car care requirements.

Be honest with yourself about the Mr Car Man 'grade' you are starting at and complete the auto repairs & maintenance at your own pace. The more you will learn the more you will want to learn.Your personal safety should always be a consideration when attempting any tasks on YOUR car.

Mr Car Man 'grades': Which one are YOU?

"Newbie": NB: Never touched anything on a car.

"Apprentice": AP: Have basic car tool box & basic car knowledge.

"Rookie": RK: Better toolbox & good car knowledge.

"Mechanic":MC: Qualified mechanic but wants 2nd opinion.


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Save Big Money With The Exclusive Step-By-Step Guide To Basic D.I.Y Car Repairs & Maintenance

Anything and everything you have wanted to know about being a proud car owner.

Begin your self-education in basic car repairs and maintenance with easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

No matter how little you know about car and their components you can begin your mechanical experience.

There is no age limit to begin your own D.I.Y. car tasks.This car education is about results and saving money not speed. 

Follow the Mr Car Man "grades" and perform the car tasks suitable for your level of confidence and education.

The more frequent you perform the tasks the faster you will become and your confidence will motivate you to increase your car care education.

Buy you own spare parts and car consumables and install yourself.

Learn basic car "know-how" to save you money, time and stress!