Mr. Car Man


This is a guide. The methods and instructions within this book do NOT protect you from “things going wrong” with your car. My aim is to educate you on methods to manage the situation should things go wrong.

There is no guarantee that your car’s problems can be solved without cost.

Like all advice, without actually checking the current problem, any suggestions and how-to- fix it methods are only as effective as your interpretation of the problem. The examples discussed in this book are general and do not apply to every problem.

There are always unknown factors involved with any car matters. The reader agrees that this company is not liable for any costs resulting from DIY car repairs and maintenance.

I have taken great care to give clear and concise instructions with minimum ‘mechanical jargon’ but I do NOT guarantee that all readers will be able to follow the step by step instructions. If the reader has received an 8th grade education, you should be able to understand the principals. If you have trouble understanding any of the content please email me for further details.

I do not intend any negative statements or portrayals of any individuals or companies. If there is any disrespect within the content, it is unintentional.

I designed this book to save the car consumers money in managing their own basic car repairs and maintenance.

I am not under contract or sponsored by any company, corporation or organization that may advertise in this book or website.This is my disclaimer.