Mr. Car Man

A Huge Thankyou..

Without the assistance, guidance, teaching and encouragement from these wonderful people my book, website and new lifestyle would not exist.

OneIT: Website design & creation.

The creative staff @ OneIT took a "newbie" who had no experience with writing a book or computer businesses to creating a website and launched an information DIY car guide for the masses. The patient staff guided, encouraged and assisted me every slow step of the way. OneIT management showed compassion when I hit financial hardship and allowed me to pay the final bill after they had completed & launched Mr Car Man. Thankyou for trusting me & making my dream a reality!

Tiffany Dow: Writing Guru.

This fantastic woman has held my hand & helped me do the impossible...write a practical & useful book! I usually only read car magazines & manuals...I don't read many books. Tiffany's book became my 'bible' and I still refer to it for all new steps to launching my website & eBook. Tiffany responded to all of my questions & always provided solutions to make me move forward step-by-step until I had written MY eBook. My eBook is complete and better than I could of ever wanted due to this writing guru.  Thankyou for encouraging my mission to provide car 'know-how' to the masses and for always pushing me forward!

Mr 4X4 aka Pat Callinan: Mentor & 4x4 expert.

I first learnt of Pat Callinan's skills as a car expert when he was editor of my favourite car magazines. I approached Pat through his website for his opinion of my mission of writing a car 'know-how' information book for the masses & making a website to assist car owners with their car problems. Pat has become my mentor, he didn't volunteer, but his consistant feedback, encouragement and real ideas made my book better than I had ever hoped. Pat wants as much quality car information available for the masses, as I do. Pat & his lovely wife Karen, have been so kind & compassionate  to me & my family and I will always be grateful. Thankyou for being a great bloke! 

Reluctant Volunteers: Guinea Pigs

 I needed different car owners to check my information & layout of the basic car tasks. I found women, teenagers & car owners who have owned & driven cars for years without ever lifting the bonnet, to test my facts and recommended methods. I had to 'tweek' my layout so many times to include the most basic instructions. It is from my guinea pigs that I really came to understand how little "car know-how" is available for the masses. I am so proud of my guinea pigs and the way they have embraced their car education and still follow the D.I.Y. Car Weekly Checklists. I love hearing the pride in themselves & how much money they are saving with performing the basic car tasks. Thankyou for your honesty & willingness to learn a new skill!