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About Mr Car Man

Mr Car Man, otherwise known as Paul Rutley, was born in Perth Western Australia. He is married with 2 daughters.

He grew up in the Pilbara in North Western Australia, in towns like Karratha and Paraburdoo. His father was one of the first men to cut the first bit of ground to start the (Hamersley Iron) Paraburdoo Iron Ore mine. Paul was introduced to heavy machinery at an early age. He often sat on his Dad's lap to have a steer of the front end loaders and dump trucks.

Due mostly to his Dad's influence, Paul's interest in anything with an engine started  while still in kindergarten.

Paul was always watching motor racing and Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Jim Richards are still heroes of his.

While growing up, Paul wanted to drive trucks, but his Dad advised him to get a trade. Paul took up Motor Mechanics after High school.

Paul started his Apprenticeship in 1988 working at Lloyds Volvo in Subiaco and after 4 years, he became a Qualified Motor Mechanic.

Since completing his Apprenticeship, Paul has worked on most makes and models of motor vehicles in many different workshop scenarios. Volvo, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Holden, Toyota etc. He even did some time restoring old English made vehicles like Jaguar, Aston Martin etc. High performance cars were also part of his experience, like Porsche, HSV, Japanese performance cars. 4 Wheel Drives were also part of his portfolio.

Paul went through the ranks of workshops and ended up running a few workshops as a Service Manager. This is when Paul decided he needed to do something to help people more. As the general rule of these workshops was to "Baffle the customer with some good BS" to gain extra money from these poor unsuspecting souls. This was when Paul decided he needed to fix this as he didn't want to be part of the big "Rip Off" in the car industry.

Now in 2016, Paul (with help from his wife), has established Mr Car Man as a Mobile Mechanic workshop. Honesty, loyalty and integrity are a big part of what makes up Mr Car Man.

Mr Car Man mobile workshop is fully licensed and certified by the Chamber of Commerce Western Australia and fully insured for peace of mind.

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